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We feel before we think. Hence, buying decisions are made on emotion. Proof? Reason says, “Use $3 off coupon for ½ gallon nonfat Vanilla yogurt at the grocery store.” Receipt? “Tripple Scoop Carmel Monkey Paw from the corner Dairy King…$4.25.”

Equipped with a GPS, emotion-sensing curb feelers and intuitive power mirrors, the heart comprehends well beyond reason.

The best ads hotwire emotions to pull heart and purse strings simultaneously.

Schwab OneSource TV1 done at Rubin Postaer, for instance, pulled like none prior. Beyond reason?

"Investors have poured over $15 billion into OneSource this year.”
–USA Today 2

Displaying refreshingly human candor while competitors act like cardboard clones, is endearing in any medium and has been leveraged by politicians from Kennedy to Trump.

Research shows “how we say” something to be more critical than “what we say.”

“What” doesn’t matter, if no one reads it.3 Especially now, since the value of candor can be monetized on the web and measured instantly.

A fact not lost on KLMR entrepreneur, Kurt St. Jean, who used candor in ads to attract than just customers and a 3024% ROI.

…smart enough to get 3 TV crews and me to watch him pick up a dog...”
–John Bogert, LA Daily Breeze 4

Talking results is nice. Seeing results across all platforms for national brands? Certainly compelling.

Aligning results to compensation? 5 Makes talk cheap and for a conversation worth having. After all, equally important to how much more total alignment will help you sell, is the efficiency and time it buys. And demand for that always seems to outpace supply.

Spend wisely. Running, jump-in-your-arm hugs from the little people in our lives are a limited-time offer.

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