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Searching for more advertisng ROI?

Find your brand's “human truth.” Then tell “the truth” in a way people can’t forget.

The better told, the less you need spend repeating. Told best, your ROI in accord with Zipf’s Law, will be exponential.

Postulated in 1935 7, Zipf found the best of anything to be worth 10 times the 10th best. The ratio can be seen in everything from populations to market share today.

Seth Godin,8 author of 14 best sellers on marketing, documents even greater value due to the Internet and says:

“The best advertising isn’t a little better, it’s a whole lot better. ” –Unleashing the Idea Virus

Of all the discerning senses needed to produce compelling advertising, “common sense” is the most critical. What’s felt in the heart, can’t escape the mind. Hence ads you can’t forget

Given that and the subjective nature of marketing, ads you can’t forget return themost bang for your marketing buck.

Don’t believe me? Try the following and see if it doesn't make more dollars. And sense. 

Make copies of your web and print ads as well as competitors in B&W. Now swap logos and ask customers, “What’s different with the ads?” If the “logo switch” doesn’t come up within 10 minutes, consider examining where your marketing dollars are going.

How to get more walk and less talk from an advertising agency.

  1. Look for marketers with results9 across categories and platforms in diverse styles (one-trick ponies have a limited shelf life).
  2. Bookmark marketer portfolios.
  3. Review one after another. Note where and how the ads would be viewed and if they’d own the given media environment in your mind.
  4. To add balance, have trusted customers and employees do the same for you.
  5. The next day, without reviewing, write down the ads you can’t forget. Do weekly, until you only remember 10—or the 10-best performing ads.

Tally and weight to find the marketer, who based on your brand values, is most likely to provide the greatest return. If our work doesn’t stay with you longer than any you compare it to, please call.

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Continuous learning and improvement define O'Donnell, inspiring two plaques on the wall here. Enough said.

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